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 About Our Server Update.

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PostSubject: About Our Server Update.   Wed Oct 15, 2008 7:04 pm

As your guys can see...our EP4 server has change it's features.
when we started to open our EP4 server we have upto 300 skills for mixclass.
when you create your character B4 its already a mixclass...

but now here the new features of our server..

when your create your char its not a mixclass in ep3 you will have to choos one of those 4 classes, Brawler, Swordsman, Archer and Shaman it's called the normal classes. But Where Are The mixclass? are they gone already? no...dont worry about our mixclass cuz our system will become something like this....

i have already told you that when u create a new char its a normal class....then after your character reach 3 reborns already you can now change your character into mixclass.(go to portal and click GUIDE MIXCLASS CHANGING LINK for more info about changing your character into mixclass.)

normal classes have 7-157 skills (original skills. SOON with 167-187 skills)
all scrolls are in NPC (each instructors.)
normal classes armors are just upto Rock Set Only. ( i am trying to bypass my files for normal class can wear the 4 type of crystal armors.)

mixclasses have skills that are upto 2 set of 157 skills (each type) cuz there are 4 types of skills that a mixclass can use the Fighter Skills, Swordsman Skills, Archer and Shaman SKills.
All Scrolls Are in NPC except for the two 157 skills (still confirming the admin if the 157 skills of mixclass will become free.)
Mixclass of course can use 2 types of weapons.
Mixclass Can Use the vice versa version of crystal set. what does it mean by vice versa? i mean even though your char is a male u can use or wear a female crystal sets.
Mixclass Have many passive skills that can make your char more tough.

But lot of players are asking and Telling :
Why does this update need to be added on our server..we want the 300 skills back cuz here all characters are weak (BAHO) other says...
i have to explain you, since i am the developer of the server that we need to switch our ep4 server onto this system. cuz if we use the files that have 300 skills our server will just get stuck on this old system..we can never ever upgrade or update our server with the new features of ep4 like hoverboard,bear pet...but now, since we are already using the original ep4 files(cuz the one with the 300 skills are adopted only in ep3) we can update our server onto the new level of RanEP4........

Hope you guys now understand what i mean..
you can PM me in hamachi named [GM]eDiLoN
YM: evicto_15
FS: <<add me up

for more info Just contact me in the following ads above...


"gO gEt aLL u wAnT., tHeN i wiLL dRaiN uR aSS ouT!"
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About Our Server Update.
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