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 [guide] how to change your character into mixclass

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PostSubject: [guide] how to change your character into mixclass   Wed Oct 15, 2008 6:33 pm

Well These Are The Requirements Your Normal Character SHould have 3 reborn and 10m gold on your inventory...

Then browse this site
Login Your Account.

Put Your Mouse cursor on the account tab then click change class (note: this CP is especially made for exchanging your character into mixclass. thats why im advising you not to use any other options here except changing your class, admin's nor Gm's do not have any responsibility of losing your account because of your KAKULITAN.OK?)

after click the change class option your will be redirected to this window.(see image below)
your char name will be displayed on the field (i rounded it with color red) if u have already reach the requirements of changing your class....but for example you have already 3 reborn but do not have 10m gold on your inventory...ur name will not going to be displayed on that window OK?

as you can see on the image there is an option....Extreme Man and Woman...cuz you can choose whatever you like to be your char a woman or a man! LOL
then of course click change to change your char....

Guide by:

"gO gEt aLL u wAnT., tHeN i wiLL dRaiN uR aSS ouT!"
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[guide] how to change your character into mixclass
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